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Proteomics Education Kit

Proteomics Education Product

Allele Life Sciences are committed to developing new and exciting resources for the proteomics education. We are dedicated to demystifying biotechnology for students. They simply provide you with instant access to proteomics lab experments..

» Superior Co-precipitating Reagent
» Technical Support
» Easy to use
» Quick Protocol
» Reproducible Results

Allele Life Sciences supply all the arrays with QA / QC analysis report to ensure accurate results and all  products are tested in our in house state of art laboratory .


  Name  of Product Packing Cat.No. Catalogue Quote 
1   ALS-Quik SDS-PAGE Education Kit 20 Prep AL-BEP-PEP-01  
2.   ALS-Quik Western Blot Education Kit 20 Prep AL-BEP-PEP-02
3.   ALS-Quik Protein Quantification Education Kit 20 Prep AL-BEP-PEP-03
4.  ALS-Quik  Protein Fingerprinting  Education Kit 10 Prep AL-BEP-PEP-04
5.   ALS-Quik Protein Extraction Purification Kit 10 Prep AL-BEP-PEP-05
6.   ALS-Quik Ion Exchange Chromatography Kit 1O Prep AL-BEP-PEP-06

Note : Education kits are limited to lab demonstration purpose only.Do not use it in your research work.

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